Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

In an attempt to better understand what West Coast Cosmetics can do for you, we’ve listed a few of the most asked questions about our company. Please take a moment to look them over, but know you are welcomed to contact our team if we have not addressed your particular question.

1. Does West Coast Cosmetics supply packaging and components?

West Coast Cosmetics is a private label custom manufacturer of quality cosmetics, not a components supplier. Our clients can be start-ups or established brands, small or large, but the one thing they have in common is their unique vision for their product line, these clients are looking for that individual look. West Coast Cosmetics can direct you to those companies in the industry that can supply you with that special packaging and component.

2. Do you have a catalog and price list?

West Coast Cosmetics formulates and manufactures unique cosmetics based on our client’s specifications. Each formula is created and developed to meet those requirements, “never off the shelf”, therefore we do not have “Stock Bulk” or “ Finished Goods” sitting in our warehouse. Our pricing is based on several factors: (a) the final approved formula, (b) the scope of work and assembly needed to complete a finished product. (c) the order quantity.

3. What are your minimums?

West Coast Cosmetics prides itself on our ability to work with smaller start-up companies and at the same time meet the manufacturing demands of high volume orders. Minimum orders range from 1,500 (powders) to 3,000 (liquids) units per shade.

4. What are your lead times for product delivery?

West Coast Cosmetics has established our standard delivery time for finished goods based on an Eight (8) week turnaround. This production process is subject to final formula approval by our client and all needed packaging delivered to our facility in a timely manner.

5. Does West Coast Cosmetics make Sun Protection Formulas (SPF)?

West Coast Cosmetics is Licensed and Approved by the FDA as a cGMP facility to develop, formulate, manufacture and fill both SPF Cosmetics and OTC Drug products for cosmetics. All certification and registrations are current and maintained. Also, we are ISO 9001:2000 Certified to research, develop and manufacture color cosmetic products.

6. What Cosmetic products does West Coast Cosmetics not produce?

West Coast Cosmetics has the ability to formulate, create and match a large variety of quality cosmetic products, (please see our Products Page). We do not however manufacture Nail Polish or Perfumes. We can help direct you to manufacturers that produce such items.

7. What type of Safety of Efficacy Testing does West Coast Cosmetics do to insure product Safety?

West Coast Cosmetics provides safety and efficacy testing on our personal care and cosmetic products as well as efficacy testing on raw materials used in our products.

West Coast Cosmetics contracts with several clinical labs which operate under current Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines to assist our needs. As an example the Repeat Insult Patch Test (RIPT) is the industry standard safety test to determine the potential for skin sensitization and allergy development in a product.

Our testing encompasses the full spectrum of microbiology, including aerobic plate count, antimicrobial effectiveness testing, and yeast and mold testing.

Water system evaluation and microbiological monitoring tests are conducted on a bi-weekly basis.

Our Water testing includes:

Total Heterotrophic Count by Membrane Filtration
Total Heterotrophic Count by Pour Plate Method
Pseudomonas Count
Total and Fecal Coli form

West Coast Cosmetics provides comprehensive cGMP stability Testing.

Our stability testing includes:

Accelerated Stability Testing
Long Term Stability Testing
Drug Substance Stability Testing

8. Does West Coast Cosmetics register products with Foreign Countries for customers?

West Coast Cosmetics has a number of resources available in assisting our clients interested in exporting their products to foreign countries. We remain current with European Cosmetic Regulations and can assist in attaining “Certificates of Free Sale”.
Those considering exporting should be aware that product registration in the EU is both complex and expensive. Compliance with all parts of the EU Cosmetic Directive is required and noncompliance can result in fines, mandatory recalls or prevention of future importation.

9. Does West Coast Cosmetics charge Research & Development fees?

Research & Development is a time consuming and expensive process necessary when formulating and developing any product. The same is true in the personal care and cosmetics industry. As an innovative and forward looking company West Coast Cosmetics is always looking for the newest and best in ingredients when formulating custom cosmetics. Stability testing on several levels are conducted as the development process moves forward. Again this all takes time and has associated costs. However West Coast Cosmetics is proud to state that reviews of other labs has demonstrated that West Coast Cosmetics costs for R & D are far more competitive and fair.
Our development fee’s range from $1,500.00 per product type, and is dependent on the number of shades to match, and the complexity of the formula, as well as any testing required, to substantiate claims made.
The West Coast Cosmetics “Research & Development Agreement” has more details.

10. What are the tooling costs charged if a mold or press plate must be fabricated?

Tooling costs are priced at a minimal expense to our clients. Because we have the ability to manufacture molds and press plates in house at our state of the art tooling plant, costs and delivery time is considerably reduced. With such a facility on our premises, West Coast Cosmetics can quickly produce unique press plates for powders and various styles of lip stick molds, without the delay of going to an outside source. The cost of such molds and press plates will depend on the product and the number of molds/plates purchased. West Coast Cosmetics has also negotiated options via a discount on a buy back program on molds and press plates with ongoing orders.


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